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Ground Water Depletion & Pollution

Ground water is the backbone of our activities that too especially when we are not getting any water source from the urban local bodies. Borewells are drilled to extract the underground water for domestic, agricultural, industrial and commercial use. Ground water depletion occurs when there is over extraction of water , Less rainfall and low percolation factor. Agricultural practices like planting Acacia, Eucalyptus etc . depletes Ground Water. When there is over extraction of the ground water regenerating of water in the aquifer body takes a longer duration. This impacts the availability of ground water which leads to frequent borewell failures. The quality of ground water grows brackish with TDS more than 1600 which makes the ground water non potable. Ground water pollution is the biggest threat to the world as effluents from industries, sewage from domestic, chemicals like arsenic from mining sector, pesticides, insecticides, fertilizers from agricultural sector enter the ground water which pollutes it to the highest extent. Unscientific methodologies of Artificial Ground Water Recharge also causes Ground water pollution. Hence utmost care to be taken when we are releasing the waste proper scientific methodologies to be implemented in all these sectors and see that the Ground water is not polluted as there are no methodologies to purify / treat the ground water.

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