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In SPECIES, we take up 100% Scientific Studies and Research work pertaining to various aspects of Nature Conservation, Wildlife & Ecology, and Human-Wildlife conflict and assist the Government in handling them and working together for the betterment. Designing the Training Programs, Integrated Studies, and Educational Awareness Programs, Citizen Science, Green Programs for the Corporate sector

Community Involvement

No Conservation programs will be successful without community participation. In fact, the first to get impacted by any conflict situation is the community. Involving the community in conservation plays a vital role in handling Human-Wildlife Conflicts and saving our precious nature.


The young generation is the future of our planet. Ancient Indian text always speaks about conservation. Rigveda says Dayava Prithvi which translates as Merciful Earth. The concept of Panchabhootas itself is an evident literature of our sustainable living style with respecting all the elements of nature. Hence it is very much important to expose young minds to conservation through education.

Forest Restoration

In these changing ecosystems and losing forest cover every day with developmental activities by the greed of man. SPECIES believes in sustainable development and reviving degraded landscapes. However, maintaining the ecological balance is the biggest challenge on the planet. It takes 60 to 80 years to regenerate the natural forest. Hence forest cover needs to be restored by using advanced regeneration techniques which help regain the lost forest cover.


Though with the constant efforts of the Forest Department and various other non-governmental organizations, poaching activities have decreased. However, it is not completely eradicated. Today Wildlife crime is occurring at various levels and platforms. SPECIES works closely with local and national authorities to control Wildlife Crime. 

Marine Conservation

We have explored Mars & other celestial bodies, however, we have not even explored 1% of our marine biodiversity. Marine Biodiversity is continuously impacted due to the various threats which are mostly man-made. It is high time to protect our Marine Biodiversity. Our team also tries to address current conservation issues of our oceans.

Environmental Policy

Policies are the backbone of any activity. Policies need to be amended from time to time and place to place. SPECIES works in this regard by bringing experts and local communities to refine better policies.

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