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Yashvardhan Singh Sengar

A Primatologist who obtained his Master's in Wildlife Science and Management. His experience includes working on Great Indian Bustard habitat analysis, feral dog-wildlife interaction, island biogeography, monitoring of Tigers and prey population, spatial ecology of primates (slender loris, lion-tailed macaques), and DNA Barcoding of commercial and medicinal flora. Currently, he is working with the Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior on Bonobos (Pan paniscus) in the Democratic Republic of Congo. His long-term interest is in functional and behavioral ecology. 

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R.M.Ananya Vasudev

Basically a Geoscientist and pioneer in Disaster Management. He has vast experience in Human-Wildlife Conflict Management including wildlife rescue. He is a council member of the Indian Polar Research Network and the International Ambassador (India) for the International Association of Geoscience Diversity. His works on wildlife crime control are commendable.



A dedicated rescuer and conservationist with a passion for wildlife and environment preservation. He played a major role in the rescue and rehabilitation of Leopards, Horses, and other animals. His effort to conserve native tree species in the Western Ghats help sustain the delicate balance of the ecosystem and protect the biodiversity of the region. His groundwork with local communities, organizations, and government agencies to implement sustainable conservation strategies is commendable. 

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